How can I play a CSS animation only when it appears in the viewpoint?

The following example makes a CSS animation run only when it is in the user’s field of view, which is achieved, for example, by scrolling. Thereby an image becomes visible, which results in a drawn line.

The drawn line already exists as an image. By CSS this is completely hidden at the beginning and then slowly visible, so that the effect of a line drawn from top to bottom is created.

<div class="contain-element">
<img class="prints" src="/line.png" alt="Linie">
<span class="cover"></span>
.contain-element {
     position: relative;
     text-align: center;
.cover {
     position: absolute;
     left: 0;
     background: #fff;
     height: 1000px;
     width: 1420px;
@keyframes walk {
     to {
           transform: translateY(675px);
  jQuery ( function($) {
        if ($('.contain-element').isOnScreen()) {
      $(".cover").css("animation","walk 4s steps(28, end) forwards");
        } else {
            // The element is NOT visible, do something else

$.fn.isOnScreen = function(){
    var win = $(window);
    var viewport = {
        top : win.scrollTop(),
        left : win.scrollLeft()
    viewport.right = viewport.left + win.width();
    viewport.bottom = + win.height();
    var bounds = this.offset();
    bounds.right = bounds.left + this.outerWidth();
    bounds.bottom = + this.outerHeight();
    return (!(viewport.right < bounds.left || viewport.left > bounds.right || viewport.bottom < || > bounds.bottom)); 
} );
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